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This Month's Features:

 Goin' Christmas Crazy?

Some of you probably thought the Branson tree-lighting I described in last month’s letter would provide more than enough Christmas cheer to last us for the year.  Not hardly.  In fact, we’re only getting started. Let me give you a brief rundown of what’s been happening just in the first week of December. (Read more)

                  Santa Powerpoint Snow.jpg

Light & Warmth Through Christmas Cards 

coffee and cards.pngVital Signs Ministries' annual Christmas card party last night turned out to be a lively success. There were only 9 of us (Larry & Deb, Quint, Ruth, Allen & Cindy, Carol E., Claire and I) yet in 90 minutes we produced a remarkable amount of correspondence designed to lift spirits, encourage action, and draw people closer to the Lord Jesus. It was a splendid Christmas experience.  (Read the rest of the story.)