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Summer Review, Upcoming Events & Letters

VSM_Xara_Logo.jpgThese monthly letters cover quite a bit of ground: exhortation, Bible study, personal reflection, history, cultural commentary, and, of course, news from what we’ve been up to in the ministry. Last month, for instance, I dealt with a Christian’s walk along the paths of God. The month before I told about my latest 14er climb and included a devotional related to that. But given the fact that we just reviewed our summer activities at our quarterly Board meeting and have that list immediately at hand, I’ll post here a portion of that review. I’ll then close with announcements of things coming up and 3 sample letters from our recent correspondence.



The Very Ground Has Changed

Old shack.jpgReturning to Kirksville and Novinger, Missouri for a family reunion a couple of weeks ago brought back a flood of memories.  Of course, I grew up in Denver, Colorado and never lived in Missouri myself  but this was home for Dad and Mom -- where they grew up, where they courted, where they embarked on their new life together. To add to the sentimental significance, these two towns were the backdrop for my mom’s diary which we discovered after her death six years ago. We edited the text of that diary, added photos of her and Dad, added photos of the towns and illustrations of things she mentioned, and created an album which is one of our living room treasures.  Therefore, though the memories this Missouri visit stirred in me were not of a direct origin, they were nevertheless vivid and dear.     readmore.png

A Back to School Thought...on Fairness