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Denny at MicrophoneShort Clips

Click here to hear just a very brief clip from one of Denny's recent sermons.  If you are interested in hearing more of Denny’s sermons from Faith Bible Church in Omaha, NE,  you can click the Media Button for a listing and description.


This Month's Features:

The Security of Hope 

            The May LifeSharer letter was actually started twice but circumstances arising from an even busier-than-usual schedule last month interrupted both of those efforts.  The result is that the May LifeSharer has now morphed into a May/June LifeSharer!  So perhaps I should have made the salutation “Dear patient and understanding LifeSharer friends” for I know you have been very good in accepting with good grace those times (pretty rare actually) when we’ve been unable to get out our monthly letter...(Read more here.

Is It Fair to Call Planned Parenthood an "Abortion Mill"?






Here, using Planned Parenthood's own documents, are the details.