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 Celebrationg 45 Years of Marriage 

          Claire, Denny, fireplace.jpgAs you open this month’s letter, Claire and I will be on our way down to Branson, Missouri for a long-anticipated two-week vacation. As is our custom, it will be a working vacation but we will enjoy quite a bit of time taking drives in the country, hiking, visiting family, reading, taking in favorite spots like the College of the Ozarks and Dogwood Canyon, having picnics on the shore of Table Rock Lake, and just relaxing our souls in the Word and in the soft, beautiful autumn of the Ozarks.

It has been our habit in the last few years to schedule our Branson getaway to coincide with our anniversary. But, because of the election (Claire has to work the polls) and a couple of other things, we are going a week earlier than we normally do. We do, however, plan on celebrating an “anniversary atmosphere” throughout our stay. After all, this anniversary is one of those milestone moments. November 4th will mark 45 years of our marriage. And I’ve got to tell you, we have had an awfully good time of it!



Denny makes it to the top!


"When Swing Was King"
Goes to Press!

Goes to press? 

I thought “When Swing Was King” was the entertainment/visitation outreach you guys took into senior care centers. So, what’s that headline all about?

Well, here’s the deal. We have just printed the first of our “When Swing Was King” news sheets for the residents of the 12 senior care facilities we visit each month. It is a 4-page, big-print publication which we will pass out four times a year. Each issue will provide interesting and fun facts about the music, performers, and the times of the big band era as well as seasonal quotations, a bit of poetry and Scripture, and a short personal note from Claire and I.

There are three basic purposes for this new project.  1) We hope to extend our ministry by giving our audiences something to read, think about, and share with friends and family. 2) We believe it will serve as a winsome promotion for the “When Swing Was King” shows themselves. And 3) It allows us yet another avenue to touch on matters of the heart and spirit as we deepen our friendship with the residents.  Read More.


Ready to read the "When Swing Was King" Autumn Newsletter?  Then click here and enjoy.