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Denny at MicrophoneShort Clips

Click here to hear just a very brief clip from one of Denny's recent sermons.  If you are interested in hearing more of Denny’s sermons from Faith Bible Church in Omaha, NE,  you can click the Media Button for a listing and description.


This Month's Features:

An Interactive LifeSharer Letter

              This March letter is action-packed in two ways.  First of all, I list a few of the interactive opportunities that Vital Signs has for you this spring (and, of course, if you cannot directly participate, you can still pray for God’s blessings upon these ministries). Secondly, there are reviews of some of the things that have kept Claire and I busy in these last few weeks.

            Of course, the most obvious thing is to answer your question, “Why did you send me these postcards?” {Note to e-mail and website readers.  The LifeSharer letter that was mailed through the post was accompanied by 3 postcards, the image of which you can see at this Vital Signs Blog post.  If you would like copies of this postcard, just let us know.}...(Read more here.

Is It Fair to Call Planned Parenthood an "Abortion Mill"?






Here, using Planned Parenthood's own documents, are the details.