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"I will never forget."

“You know, I understand what you’re saying.  And you’re right, I know you are.  And I appreciate your being here and all that you’re offering to help me and my baby.  Really, I do.  But you just can’t get around my immediate problem and so I’m afraid I don’t have any choice.  That’s not how I want it and I wish I could undo some stuff but I can’t.  So, yes; I know this is sin, a very serious sin, and I hope somehow, somewhere my baby will forgive but I have to do this."...(Read more here.

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Learn how to promote a Culture of Life: 

The Pro-Life Indispensables

A veteran of over 32 years of effective pro-life activism, Denny Hartford believes the pro-lifers who stay in the battle are the ones that are alert, committed and thoroughly equipped.  All of these characteristics, he insists, are greatly helped by carefully reading (and heeding) the best pro-life authors.  Here’s his list of indispensable reading.