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An Apology by Aristides & VSM Notes

Aristides.jpegIn this month’s letter I will jot down a few Vital Signs highlights from the past few weeks but I’ll do that a bit later. First of all, I’d like to pass along a striking testimony concerning the early Christians, a testimony that creates an important perspective on our ministry, our times, and the upward call of believers throughout the ages. I will quote from a document written by Aristides of Athens, the early 2nd Century philosopher who converted to Christianity and penned a critically important description of the early Church.  

 Most scholars believe that Aristides dedicated his Apology to Hadrian, the Emperor of Rome, who though a non-Christian was nevertheless interested in history, culture, and humanistic values. It is sad that this remarkable document is so little known, even in the Church, for it is a bold yet winsome argument that everyone (even unbelievers) would do well to honestly consider. 




Speaking of C.S. Lewis... 

CS Lewis.jpegSome great opportunities coming up to read and learn more about C.S. Lewis.  If you're interested in any of the following happenings, let us know.

May 21st is the kickoff of another recent tradition for Vital Signs Ministries; that is, our Summer Reading Program. Like last year, the focus is on C.S. Lewis but instead of The Chronicles of Narnia which was our project last summer, we are tackling only 2 books this time: Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. We invite you to join us as we read these two classics and then to join us for an evening discussion over each book -- Monday, June 26th for Mere Christianity and Saturday, August 12th for The Screwtape Letters. Another feature of our summer adventure are 3 nights where we are showing “An Evening with C.S. Lewis,” the remarkable one-man play starring David Payne. And, finally, we are encouraging all fans of Mr. Lewis to check out the terrific lectures offered by Hillsdale College in their free on-line course. 

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