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Shining Your Light 

          Light bulb.jpg March was an eventful month for us and, in this LifeSharer letter, I’ll review a few of those activities before closing with some observations about three Scripture passages I’ve been focusing on in recent days.  Let’s get right to it.

            We have experienced cold, windy weather in our prayers and pro-life witness outside the wicked Planned Parenthood abortion business.  But, on one particular morning, I had an additional blustery force to deal with in the person of a hot-headed young man who was vehemently harassing one of the sidewalk counselors.  I had to physically intervene and finally persuaded him to back off and return to the martial arts business he runs in the strip mall next to the abortion mill.  Other confrontations were not as tense but still very significant, including one young woman who escaped Planned Parenthood’s clutches and was guided instead to EPS, the pro-life pregnancy center just down the block.           


"When Swing Was King"
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bird.jpgSwing into spring with "When Swing Was King" latest newsletter.  It has swing trivia, a note from Denny and Claire and all kinds of spring quotes. Check it out here!


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