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Walking in the Lord

Den, walking.jpgAs I’ve related several times in these letters, I have embarked on a serious regimen of walking these last 3 years – an almost daily regimen that combines a couple of hours of exercise, concentrated thinking, and prayer.  It has been a tremendous blessing.  But only this summer did I think of looking closely at what the Scriptures say about walking and, related to that, about paths.  As you can guess, both words go beyond physical locomotion and are, in fact, generally used as metaphors for the fullness of a person’s life – conduct, decisions, attitudes, priorities.   




Summer "When Swing Was King" Newsletter

Click here to read the latest "When Swing Was King" newsletter.  It is filled with summer quotes, Big Band trivia, spotlight on "Stardust" and a note from Denny & Claire.  These quarterly letters have proved to be a real hit at the facilities we go to.  See how well you do on the Big Band quiz.  Don't worry, the answers are on page 3.

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