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The Year of 2016 Year-end Review  

            2016 review.jpgChristmas, alas, is over. Indeed, the new year is well underway. And yet I’ll take as one of my first tasks of 2017 a very quick overview of 2016, including a bit closer look at the Christmas season just passed. Let’s get right to it.

            Of course, 2016 included a lot of our regular tasks: daily updates on the blogs and social media, a praying presence at the abortion mill four mornings a month, the quarterly letter-writing parties, a lot of correspondence and conversation, a host of advocacy and networking duties, participation in various pro-life events, and the ongoing preparation, presentation, and follow-up that is involved in our “When Swing Was King” shows in area senior care facilities.  readmore.png


The Poetry and the Power of Choice

Abortion destroys precious individuals who are made in the image of God. “Choice,” a riveting Spoken Word poetry video by Living Waters President, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, drives this urgent truth home, and holds up the glorious gospel as our only hope and remedy.