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About Vital Signs

Since its beginnings in 1982, the distinctives of Vital Signs Ministries have been a commitment to Christian orthodoxy and a comprehensive sanctity of life ethic.

Vital Signs Ministries has saved lives, restored families, and helped energize Christ-centered pro-life advocates throughout America and far beyond.  And until God's triumph is fully realized, we're staying the course!

Vital Signs Ministries'
Record of Service

* Regular sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics.
* The creation of the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling.
*Distribution of the monthly "LifeSharer" letter and other publications.
*"Mercy Ministries" to the elderly and infirm.
*Monthly "When Swing Was King" programs in senior care facilities.
*16 years of "Vital Signs" radio programs.
*Ongoing "P.A.L. Night" letter-writing parties.
*"Book It!" and "Faith and Film" discussion programs.
*Widely-acclaimed internet site and blog.
*Over 2300 speaking engagements and media interviews through the United States, Germany, Russia, England, Nigeria, Poland, India, Burkina Faso and Belarus.
*The organization of innumerable events of prayerful, peaceful pro-life advocacy.
*"Frontier Issues" educational conferences.
*Energetic and effective chastity campaigns.
and much more!