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International Outreach

The international outreach of Vital Signs Ministries has served several purposes.  One concerns the education and mobilization of American Christians to develop more sensitivity, more sacrifice and more resolve in their assistance to people in other parts of the world.  We attempt to do this through radio programs, conferences, speaking engagements, publications and internet outreach, especially our Russian language website, VSM Resources.

Other important elements of our international ministry are intercessory prayer and using our letter-writing meetings to bring global concerns before those in positions of influence here and abroad.

Another part of our international outreach involves VSM Director Denny Hartford personally encouraging Christians in their faith and  helping equip them to develop pro-life ministries relevant to their own cultures.  Vital Signs is pleased to support the growth of Christ-centered pro-life activity wherever and however it can.  Therefore, in most of these situations, Denny speaks for free and pays his own travel expenses.  Also, when possible, he brings along a generous supply of pro-life literature, video tapes, CD's, DVDs, "Precious Feet" pins, and other helpful material for the local Christians to use in their ongoing work.

Sometimes Denny's ministry in other nations involves activities additional to specific pro-life development.  For instance, he has taught several Bible courses (Hermeneutics, General Epistles, Teaching Methods, Preaching, Old Testament) in Campus Crusade for Christ Bible colleges in Minsk, Belarus and Moscow, Russia.  He has also served in evangelism and Bible teaching in Nigeria; relief work associated with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and Madras, India; and a Wheels for the World team bringing wheelchairs and Christian friendship to needy people in southern Poland.

Indeed, the history of Vital Signs' international outreach is a lively one.  Denny has traveled to the United Kingdom three times, doing a whole month of speaking engagements across the country each time.  He has been to Poland (3x), Nigeria, Russia, Germany (twice), Canada, Switzerland, India, Burkina Faso and ten times to Belarus.  He has spoken in open air meetings, pro-life conferences, churches, high schools and universities, hospitals, pubs, coffee houses, doctors' offices, youth groups, L'Abri events, orphanages, prayer meetings, concerts, numerous media interviews, and conversations among individuals and groups too many to count.  Special highlights have included sidewalk counseling in Birmingham, England; helping develop IMAGE, now a highly-effective evangelical pro-life group in England; and conducting special pro-life conferences in Moscow and Minsk.

God has blessed Vital Signs' international work in many wonderful ways and we're very much looking forward to the next opportunities God has in store for us.  Interested in inviting Denny over?  Zip us an e-mail and start the ball rolling!