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Dear friends of Vital Signs,                                         February 2016

            We’ve all heard the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  And though, as a writer, I don’t think I want that adage to be true, I certainly admit that pictures can say a lot.  Therefore, since we’ve received several requests lately to send some along, we are doing so this month as a kind of substitute to a regular LifeSharer letter.  The photos serve as illustrations of what we’ve been doing the last few weeks and I hope they create an effective mental imprint that will help stimulate your prayers to God in our behalf.

            The photo sheet we’re sending along is pretty self-explanatory.  There is a photo, for instance, of Quint & Carol Coppi manning the Vital Signs information booth that we set up at the NU Student Union after the Nebraska Walk for Life.  And there are a couple of photos taken during the Walk itself.  I’ve also dropped in a couple of pictures showing some of the “bundled up” regulars who have braved the winter cold to go outside the Planned Parenthood abortion mill to pray together, to sidewalk counsel when possible, and to otherwise give public witness to the sanctity of life. Notice please the winsome and engaging nature of the signs we carry.  Those signs illustrate how earnestly we seek to speak the truth in love. Indeed, clarity and compassion have been hallmarks of our pro-life ministry throughout these last 34 years. Please pray that we continue in this path and that God keeps opening hearts and minds.

            In the photo sheet, you’ll see one showing me at the microphone we have set up in the office at the back of our home. This is where I record the radio commentaries that are now broadcast on KLCV (88.5 FM) every weekday morning just before the Adrian Rogers program at 8.  There are also pictures from “When Swing Was King” presentations and from individual visits we enjoy with selected senior friends.  Claire and I continue to bring the program – each show a brand new one with 12 songs, 250 or more photographs, and a fun, interesting commentary – to 11 different senior facilities every month. We’re still loving it. More important, they are too!  And finally, there’s a photo showing the cover of my novel, The Christmas Room.  Promotion and distribution of the novel has been a neat part of these winter months and even now it takes part of our time. We remain very encouraged at the response.

            Of course, the photos on the accompanying sheet can’t show everything that’s occupied us this last month.  We have no photos showing Claire doing the tax work or me blogging.  No photos of our in-house entertaining, our meetings out for coffee, the phone calls, writing letters and cards, the prayers, and all the rest.  But, don’t worry, we’re staying busy!  And, with your prayers, encouragement, and financial assistance, we will continue to do so until the Lord calls us heavenward. Thank you all for your kind and generous support.


Postscript: I’m leaving Claire to send this out as Pat Osborne and I are driving up to Rochester, Minnesota this morning for the L’Abri conference. I’m not speaking this year – we’re just going to catch other sessions and to visit Pat’s son Zach who is a doctor at Mayo Clinic. Also, please Oklahoma City and San Antonio. Interesting, huh? More about it next month.