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Rolling Into Autumn (and The Christmas Room)

Dear friends,                                                                   October 2015

            Though we could tell lengthy stories about almost all of the following activities, I’ll go instead with a quick rundown of the things that have kept us busy. The third page of this month's letter was a copy of the book cover of The Christmas Room.  (A smaller version is shown on the bottom of this page.)  Yes, it’s now out and available in softback through both Amazon and CreateSpace plus the Kindle version is available through electronic download through Amazon Kindle. Anyhow, I’ll start with what else has been going on since last month’s letter.

            * We participated in a combination fundraiser, music ministry, and prayer meeting that Larry and Deb Harrold organized at Harvey Oaks Baptist Church.  The prayers were in behalf of Pastor Saeed Abedini and other persecuted Christians. The funds raised went to help the American Center for Law and Justice pursue their cause.

            * Claire and I hosted the latest letter-writing party at our home on October 1st.  Only 9 people attended but we still turned out 68 cards and letters!  The issues addressed were the defunding of Planned Parenthood, pro-life legislation, religious freedom, voter fraud, the case of Sgt. Charles Martland, and Frito-Lay’s involvement with a radical homosexual group. We also wrote several thank you letters and cards to area pastors in recognition of Pastor Appreciation Month and to the Hilton Hotel chain for recently eliminating access to pornographic movies. 

            Among the letters written that night was one of mine that was printed in the “Public Pulse” of the Omaha World-Herald. Here it is:

Ashford not representing his district 

Of course we knew U.S. Rep. Brad Ashford of Nebraska would support abortion rights when he made it to Washington. But did the voters of the 2nd District realize how extreme his advocacy of abortion would be? Voting against a measure that would prohibit tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood? Voting against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act? Voting against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act? 

This goes way beyond the pale. Rep. Ashford should start more faithfully representing the views held by the large majority of his constituents.

            * Added to our regular times of prayer and public witness in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion business was our participation in the second national event urging the defunding of this evil organization.  Feeling the heat from the recent “baby parts for sale” scandal, Planned Parenthood now is using a lot of counter-protestors.  Many are from the Omaha Atheists club. These pro-abortion enthusiasts are a wicked lot, engaging in vile heckling, blasphemous chatter, and seeking to intimidate and instigate reactions.  Therefore, extra prayers for our protection and spiritual purity are greatly appreciated.

            * Our “When Swing Was King” ministry continues apace with shows at our regular 11 facilities every month. We are having large and appreciative audiences at our shows and our friendships with the residents continue to deepen. It remains a wonderful, powerful ministry.

            * I preached a Sunday morning sermon at Herman Community Church and I’m preparing for a special talk next week at the Omaha Genealogical Society. My talk? Piety on the Plains: Stories of the Religious History of Omaha. From missionaries moving through the trading posts along the Missouri River, to the first churches in the ramshackle town of Omaha, to the Sisters of Mercy and Billy Sunday and Father Flanagan, there is a wealth of inspiring, interesting, even humorous stories of how religion shaped our town in its first century. 

            * Claire and I will also be talking about our pro-life work at a “coffee klatch” with residents of Immanuel Courtyard later next week.

            * We are also hosting a book discussion at our home on Thursday evening, October 22.  The book is one that was instrumental in our initial involvement in the Christian pro-life movement 35 years ago, Francis Schaeffer’s classic, Christian Manifesto.

            * Another book discussion of sorts is underway as Claire and I and several friends are re-reading Randy Alcorn’s very enlightening and inspiring book, Heaven.  We are taking one section a week and so will finish around Christmas.  In between our reading are stimulating conversations with local participants and even email and Facebook conversations with friends in other states…even other countries.

            * We were again honored this year to promote and participate in the Life Chain.

            * The 60-second radio commentaries continue every weekday on KLCV, 88.5 AM.  Many of those programs are then linked to our blog and/or Facebook page.  Plus every month we provide highlight programs in written form to those who have asked for them.

            * We are also continuing our ministry of personal correspondence as we average 12-15 cards and letters a month.

            * A back injury from bike riding didn’t eliminate entirely my exercise regimen but it did curtail it quite a bit.  But, thank the Lord, I’m back to walking 5 to 7 miles several days a week. Claire’s walking has also stepped up, no pun intended. J

            * And finally, my novel The Christmas Room is now available via electronic download on Kindle and paperback copies via Amazon and CreateSpace.  We’ve priced both to move: $2.99 for the Kindle version and $9.99 for the softcover version.  The next sheet will show you Patrick Osborne’s cover design. We are hoping you buy the book and enjoy it, perhaps enough to spread the word, maybe to write a review to post on Amazon, and even buy an extra copy or two for Christmas presents. Just go to either website and type in the title. You can even use the links that Claire has put on the Vital Signs Ministries website. Thanks so much.

            * Okay, I guess that’s enough for now.  We pray God’s abundant blessings will be yours throughout this autumn.  And thank you for all the support you provide for Vital Signs Ministries.


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