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What's Airing on Vital Signs Radio?

Dear friends of Vital Signs Ministries,                       September 2015 

            Happy autumn! We are pleased to say that we’re picking up steam with our new radio presentations as we gain new listeners, pass along helpful information for those wanting to have a more comprehensive Christian worldview, and increase the number of visitors to the Vital Signs Ministries website.

            The radio outreach begins with the original 60-second commentaries airing every weekday morning at 7:59 on KLCV AM, 88.5 in Omaha and Lincoln. It is also broadcast on translator stations that reach other parts of eastern Nebraska as well as parts of southwest Iowa, northwest Missouri, and northeast Kansas. But we also provide both audio links and written transcripts of selected programs on Vital Signs Blog, the VSM website, and Facebook.

             And, as of this LifeSharer letter, we are making a new offer; namely, written transcripts of highlight commentaries from each month to be sent out (free of charge) via email or standard mail. We are doing this because we know most of you are unable to listen to the original broadcasts. Even trying to keep up with them on Facebook is difficult. But to receive the very best broadcasts right to your door or computer? That’s pretty nifty. So, if you would like to receive transcripts of these highlight programs, please let us know at vitalsigns@vitalsignsministries.org or (402) 341-8886 or PO Box 34278, Omaha Nebraska, 68134.

            To give you an idea of how this would work and, we hope, to persuade many of you to take us up on our offer, the bulk of this month’s LifeSharer letter consists of highlight programs from these first couple of months. But, before we give you those, let me mention a few of the other things that have been keeping us busy. We, of course, have our regular “When Swing Was King” outreach into 11 senior care facilities every month and the regular prayer presence outside the abortion mill. Also since last month’s letter, we have helped lead a local expression of a national Planned Parenthood protest (nearly 300 people were present); Claire and I taught two pastoral ministries classes at Grace University; I ministered to a friend’s family after the death of their father and then conducted the funeral; we celebrated Claire’s birthday; we organized the quarterly Board meeting; and so on.

            And the latest news about my novel, The Christmas Room? Well, it’s pretty exciting. In fact, we think it deserves a special mailing and you’ll be receiving that in just a few days. But for right now, let’s take a look at some of those radio commentaries.

ABCs of Adult Stem Cell Research

While much of the discussion going on in the stem cell debate is centered on embryonic stem cell research, it is only adult stem cell research (using cells from bone marrow, skin, placenta, and so on) that has had any success in yielding treatments for medical conditions. Indeed, adult stem cell science has so far produced treatments for cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, stroke damage -- for 73 medical conditions and counting. And adult stem cell research does not destroy human life as does embryonic stem cell experimentation.

And what’s the scorecard for embryonic stem cell research?  Zero. That’s right. Despite the billions of dollars poured into it, embryonic stem cell research has produced absolutely nothing! It is, in more ways than one, a tragic dead end. 

Top Ten Hints for a Successful Marriage

 Hi, this is Denny Hartford. On the Vital Signs Ministries website, you can find one of our most popular articles, “A Top Ten Hints for a Marvelous Marriage.” Let me kindle your interest with one of the items from that list.

Number 4 -- Never Criticize Your Spouse in Public -- And I do mean, never!  Anger, mockery, sarcasm, embarrassment -- these shouldn’t be part of your relationship, period. But when these things occur in front of an audience, it can create loads of hurt, a lot of resentment, and it can severely damage the trust, respect, and intimacy that every strong marriage needs.

 Again, the full list of marriage hints can be found at vitalsignsministries.org. Check ‘em out. 

TV Celeb Calls for “EuthanasiaVans”

 Katie Hopkins, a British television “personality” whose fame comes from appearing on reality TV shows, recently opined that society needs to get cracking on killing off senior citizens.  I’m not kidding.  Hopkins told the Radio Times, “We just have far too many old people…It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people.”  Her solution?  “Easy.  Euthanasia vans – just like ice cream vans that would come to your home.  It would all be perfectly charming.  They might even have a nice little tune they’d play.  I mean this genuinely.  I’m super keen on euthanasia vans.”  Hopkins, by the way, was applauded by many for her callousness, criticized by very few. 

That shiver you just felt?  It’s the world getting a bit more chilling. 

Reasons for a Public Pro-life Witness

Why do I continue to give a public witness to the sanctity of life outside abortion businesses?  Well, in an article available on the Vital Signs Ministries website, I describe 5 reasons. And number five in that list is this: a pro-life witness outside an abortion business insures that men and women – even those who ultimately decide to commit the abortion – will forever remember that someone was there to appeal to them, “please, don’t do this.” 

They will retain in the memory of their abortion experience that someone was standing up for their child…and for the mother’s spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. That provides a tremendous incentive for repentance, a motivation to seek forgiveness and healing from the God Who delivered His Son to die for all of mankind’s sins. 

To check out the four other reasons, please zip on over to vitalsignsministries.org

 Entertainment Choices: Are You Being Developed or Distracted?

Hi, this is Denny Hartford with a challenging question regarding your entertainment choices: are those choices leading to rest and spiritual enrichment or are those choices distracting you, maybe even corrupting your spiritual priorities?  That's the trick for Christians, isn't it? To select things to enjoy in our leisure hours that do not divert us from our stated convictions of faith and morality.  

I fear that modern Christians are much too quick to accept whatever the culture offers. We are not discriminating. We are not properly protective of what our heart takes in. We do not insist on purity and productivity. We do not strictly avoid the wicked and worthless which so abounds nowadays.

So who’s in for a change? Let’s go for the gold of God instead of the rubbish of the world and make even our entertainment choices investments in eternity. 

The Myth of Planned Parenthood as an Adoption Source

In their latest annual report, Planned Parenthood boasts of committing 327,166 abortion procedures (in one year!) while only making 2,197 adoption referrals. Do the math yourself.  It works out to about 149 abortions for each single adoption referral. No, behind all the slogans, Planned Parenthood is all about abortion. And it is being helped along substantially with your tax dollars.

Infuriating? It ougta’ be. So write your Congressman and Senators. And tell your co-workers and your Sunday School class and your sweet Aunt Gertrude. It’s way past time that Planned Parenthood is denied a place at the public trough.

At the Vital Signs Ministries website, we have basic information to help you speak out against this demonic mega-abortion corporation, including the strategic 3 for 5 Prayer Campaign. Please take a look. You’ll find us at vitalsignsministries.org.  

Proverbs 16:9 -- An Adventurous Application 

Among the Bible’s proverbs that have had the most profound application in my life, is the one listed in Proverbs, chapter 16, verse 9. It sheds a remarkable light on a special day in my life, a day in the fall of 1970 when I left my home in Denver, Colorado.

I was, in that summer, a recent convert to Christianity with a willing heart for God but a most disreputable past, a past filled with a bunch of messed-up memories and relationships. So I decided to take my last $12 and hitchhike out of town to the Pacific Northwest.

God, however, had a different plan and, hardly had 24 hours passed before I found myself living and working in a town I had never been to, a place in the exact opposite direction of where I had started to go…Omaha, Nebraska. Proverbs 16:9 by the way? “The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” 

Sabbath Moments 

The kind of relaxing, reflective moments that come when you’re taking a walk by the lake or listening to wonderful music or holding hands with your sweetheart beside a bright fireside – these are experiences that stimulate the soul as well as comfort it. Indeed, these moments create ripples of delight that are stored in the heart. 

This is the highest calling of romance and art, of conversation and music, of fine literature and the contemplation of nature. They remind us that God is the giver of all good and perfect gifts and that He constantly desires to reveal to us His beauty and love. God also wants these moments to fire the imaginations of His adopted sons and daughters into yearning all the more for the eternal pleasures that await them.

So by no means should you neglect the hard work and sacrifice that God requires of believers in this life. But neither should you overlook those tender Sabbath moments that the Lord gives for your delight, your rest, and your appreciation.

 March of Dimes Boasts It Is “Neutral on Abortion”

Recently Claire and I and a dozen of our friends wrote polite but firm letters of protest to the CEOs of companies and charities who give money to the mega-abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood.  We have written many such letters in the past but with the latest revelations of Planned Parenthood’s barbarism; namely, doing late term abortions and selling off the baby parts, we took the opportunity of hoping these CEOs would reconsider. 

 Among the replies I received, the saddest may have been from the March of Dimes.  They openly admitted that some of their chapters give money to Planned Parenthood.  But, not to worry, I was told.  “The March of Dimes is neutral on the subject of abortion.”  How ghastly a sentence is that?  The torturous dismemberment and killing of an innocent little boy and girl in their mother’s womb – that’s what the March of Dimes proudly boasts it is neutral on?  

The Goddess of Death Shines Over New York City 

What does the following news item say about the philosophy energizing much of the postmodern ecological movement? Here's the story -- following artistic representations of animals being projected onto the Empire State Building, there then came the climactic image, namely, Kali the Hindu goddess of death. It seems that artist Andrew Jones designed the portrait of the goddess “to make the point that Mother Nature now more than ever needs a fierce avatar to fight the dangers of pollution and species extinction.”

Now, I’ve been to India and I've seen the worship of Kali in one of her temples in Calcutta. It was weird and quite wicked. But to see her demonic image shining through the NYC skyline was something much more intense, more evil, and more dangerous. Lord, have mercy on our nation.