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What's Been Happening

Dear Friends,                                                                               September 2012

            Claire and I threw a party earlier this week, the memories of which we will cherish for a long time.  Indeed, from our pie social at Hope Church Monday night, an event where we talked about our “When Swing Was King” ministry in senior living facilities and then gave a sample presentation to the 52 people in attendance, we were blessed with a threefold treasure: 1) We had a marvelous time of spiritual fellowship, including visits with several friends we hadn’t seen for a long time.  2) We were deeply encouraged by the response of the crowd to our “When Swing Was King” presentation.  Nearly all of those present had heard about it but they hadn’t actually experienced it.  And my, how impressed and delighted and warmly complimentary they were!   3) We gathered over 150 photos that we will now incorporate into the WSWK program.  Our pie social guests had brought those photos to the party so that we could scan them into our computer.  They were fantastic photos from their family history of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s and they will be a great help in improving and expanding our program. It was truly a wonderful evening and we’re so grateful for everyone who was involved.

            However, as you might guess, the pie social wasn’t the only thing that has been keeping us busy.  There have been the “When Swing Was King” presentations themselves (11 or 12 each month, five of them this week alone) as well as the long hours of work required in developing each volume. And we now have 18 volumes. There is also the sidewalk counseling at the abortion mill 4 mornings a month, the ongoing campaign against national Planned Parenthood, the work on Vital Signs Blog which takes 2-5 hours each weekday, preparations for Sunday sermons and adult Sunday School classes, adding articles both to the official Vital Signs Ministries web page and our Russian-language site, getting ready for this quarter’s board meeting, and so on.

            There has also been a renewed effort on our part to engage in some research, writing and editing of articles for broader distribution.  All of them fit within our ministry purposes which include helping believers develop a more thoroughly biblical worldview, equipping them to be more effective in fighting the culture wars, promoting the sanctity of life as it applies to a broad spectrum of issues, and preaching the gospel.  Among those projects in recent weeks have been an edited manuscript made from the sermon series I preached this summer on the poem of Proverbs 31, “The Heroic Homemaker.”  Another project involves coupling my “Top Ten Hints for a Successful Marriage” with a follow-up article, “Must the Music Fade? A Top Ten for Keeping Romance in Marriage.” 

            I’ve also been working on a couple of literature-oriented essays. One of them is already done and one is underway. The finished one is what I delivered last weekend at the Air & Space Museum for the 2012 Providential History Festival.  It was a 45-minute presentation entitled, “The Mad Scientist in Literature.”  An unusual topic at first glance, but it is actually a relevant and remarkably evidential argument explaining how “common grace literature” has been used by God to underscore the singularity and sanctity of human life.  The illustrations are taken from 19th Century novels Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Interesting stuff and it will soon be available on the Vital Signs website. And the second project in this vein? A pro-life review of famous playwright Eugene O’Neill’s almost unknown work, The Abortion.

            Of course, these things, like practically everything else in my life, are team projects since Claire not only serves as a sounding board and advisor, she’s the one who must transform my hand-written yellow notebook pages into typed manuscripts.  Thanks, babe.

            But not all is work. We have had a few moments of relaxation these last few weeks. There’s our work in the lawn that, even though tiring and, like it has often been this summer, frustrating, it still affords us pleasure and satisfaction. Also, we had a delightful lunch at Dolce Café with the outgoing director of the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling, Michelle Sullivan and the incoming director, Toni Clarke.  What an incredible work of God the CPC has been!  So many lives saved, so many families restored, so many persons coming to know Christ as Savior.  Who would have imagined back in 1984 (when we were trying to get this ministry off the ground) that it would soar to such inspiring heights!  But as I was saying, other non-work moments for us in these last few weeks have included seeing 2016: Obama’s America with the Maleks and the Morans; celebrating Claire’s birthday; sitting out on the deck enjoying cooler weather; reading a Nevil Shute novel for our rather infamous book club; and enjoying a Friday night high school football game between Lincoln Pius and Northwest.  And since Claire’s brother is the Pius coach and two of her nephews are playing, respectively, for Doane and Midlands colleges, we’re planning on attending a few more football games this fall!

            Well, that’s about all I’ve got to say for this month’s LifeSharer.  As I’ve suggested, we’ve had a really busy time of it lately and it won’t be letting up for awhile so I need to squeeze this thing in, get it ready to send out, and move on.  I’ll try and wax a little more eloquently next month! 

            As always, thank you for every prayer, every note, and every donation.  May our Lord bless you every which way!