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Getting By With a Little Help from Our Friends

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
Dr. Joel Brind has spent many years researching the abortion-breast cancer link in order to provide "life-saving knowledge in a life-threatening world." An excellent resource.

Alliance Defending Freedom
ADF is a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and direct litigation.

Assure Women's Center (formerly AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling)  
This CPC, created by Vital Signs Ministries way back in 1985, is going strong in its outreach to persons experiencing unplanned pregnancies and with other needs.

Community 360º - Connecting Generations
Paul and Mary Falkowski are among our favorite local heroes. Take a visit to their web site and learn more about their wonderful services to the elderly here in Omaha and beyond.

Eternal Perspective Ministries  
One of the best Christian activist sites around, it is hosted by best-selling author, Randy Alcorn. It has great pro-life material and a whole lot more of very perceptive commentary on such issues as sexuality, racial reconciliation, and education.

Family Research Council
There's plenty of valuable information here about how the Christian faith impacts the social and political issues of our day.  It is thoughtful, detailed and spiritually sound. It is one of our most frequently visited sites.

Joni and Friends Ministries
Joni Eareckson-Tada is one of the notable heroines of the Western Church. This great website opens the doors for all of us to have a clearer understanding of the sanctity and value of every human life as well as showing how we can be involved in effective ministry to people with various disabilities.

Life Athletes
Think pro-life activism doesn't reach into the NFL, the NBA, and the ranks of Olympic contenders? Think again and visit this site for proof!

Life Issues Institute, Inc.
This organization continues to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement with excellence. A wonderful resource!

Here you'll find Denny's favorite source for late-breaking news on politics and culture. It is a wide-ranging  compendium developed by Lucianne Goldberg and her crack team which you'll find immensely helpful.

Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research
The NCER provides a web site illustrating just how a commitment to moral values and a commitment to relevant biomedical research can (and indeed must!) go hand in hand.

Nebraska Right to Life
A necessary source for pro-life advocates here in the immediate area. It is particularly valuable when tracking Unicameral activities.

Patients Rights Council
This human rights group hosts an invaluable web page designed to help Christians be holistically pro-life.

Population Research Institute
Stephen Mosher's insightful web site gives you the facts behind the highly-acclaimed fantasies of population problems.  But there's yet more to this site too so check it out.

Pregnancy Centers Online
Invaluable information for those dealing with unexpected pregnancies, post-abortion difficulties, and more. It also has appropriate referrals from around the nation.

Probe Ministries
Out of the best sites we've seen for developing one's Christian worldview and sharpening one's apologetics.

Project Rachel
After abortion...there is hope. This is a very important pro-life resource.

Pro-Life Action League
Joe Scheidler and his colleagues have long been in the forefront of America's pro-life movement. Keep in touch with their ongoing effectiveness at this site.  And, of the same quality, is the "partner site" created by Chicago's second generation of pro-life activists, Generations for Life.

Step Up To Life
We're pleased to offer this link to Step Up To Life, an Omaha-based ministry which promotes an attractive and practical evangelism program for use by groups and individuals. There's nothing more important in life than to make one's peace with God.

Summit Ministries
Summit Ministries equips tomorrow's leaders to analyze competing worldviews and to champion the Christian faith with confidence, balance and joy.

The Timothy Plan
Looking for investment opportunities that keep your moral convictions as a priority? You should be! Check out the biblically sound opportunities presented by the Timothy Plan.

True Love Waits
This is the world's largest chastity education and promotion ministry with plenty of cool stuff to help you seek your highest purpose.

Voice of the Martyrs
The VOM site gives specific ways we can minister to the persecuted Christians throughout the world.