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Sermons, Bible Classes and Other Addresses by Denny Hartford, Director of Vital Signs Ministries


Zaccheus in the Tree

The tree in Luke 19: 1-10 was a beautiful tree that usually produced inferior fruit. But in this passage, this tree will produce some very important fruit.

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Tree in the Bible #2: "Two Trees of Eden"

There are many, many trees in Eden but the two trees this sermon will concentrate on are the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in Genesis 2: 7-9, 15-17 and 3: 1-24.

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Trees in the Bible #1

Genesis 1: 11-16, 29-31 and 2:4-9 reveal a simple yet profound story that will make one stop and think. It also may never let you look at trees (and flowers and vegetables and grass) in quite the same way ever again.

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Psalm 130

Psalm 130 is a very moving, very interesting song. It is short, only 8 verses, but it is one of the most vocally read psalms in history.

Let All Generations Remember: The Memorials in Scripture

For the people of God, memorials are not to be confined to one day only. Indeed, in this brief trip through the Bible, we visit several divinely-mandated memorials -- memorials signifying military victory, deliverance, holy judgment, dedication and even God's Name itself that were meant to be of great significance to believers of all generations.

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Nehemiah 6

Chapter 6 picks up where Chapter 4 left off. Nehemiah and the others keep working and keep a watchful eye on the opposition leaders who don't want the wall around Jerusalem completed.

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Nehemiah 5:14-19

The first 12 minutes of this recording deals with the consequences when the boundary stones are moved. Then we have more examples from Nehemiah that we should emulate.

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A Historian Reflects on Christmas

Denny Hartford uses both his interest in history and the Bible to reflect on the holy day of Christmas.

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The Christmas Shepherds

Looking at Luke 2: 8-20, we see how poor working men were the first to hear the news of the Lamb of God and they were the first preachers.

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Nehemiah 5: 1-13 "The Enemy Within"

The internal problems of the Israelites who are working so hard are addressed by Nehemiah.

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