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Sermons, Bible Classes and Other Addresses by Denny Hartford, Director of Vital Signs Ministries


New Testament

The Conduct of the Royal Priesthood

I Peter 2:11-25 - "The Conduct of the Royal Priesthood." Peter has been emphasizing the incredible position believers have been graciously given by God. They are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a chosen race, the people of God, living stones. Wonderful stuff! Then Peter returns to their applications of these positional truths.

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Fervently Love One Another

I Peter 1:22-2:3 - "Fervently Love One Another." Obedience to the truth is always a key Bible theme and it is intriguingly emphasized in this passage. And, as Peter constantly does, he ties in a lifestyle of obedience with the believer's secure position in Christ.

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Futility vs. Faith

I Peter 1:17-21 - "Futility vs. Faith." What does it mean that God shows no partiality? The broadness of God’s mercy is reflected in the wide-open parameters of His family - a family born of simple faith in what Jesus accomplished on the cross. Also in this sermon is an exploration of the immense costliness of Jesus’ sacrifice.

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The Adventure of Holiness

I Peter 1:10-16 - "The Adventure of Holiness." Issues under investigation in this sermon include the fascination of angels towards the developing mystery of salvation, the Old Testament presentation of the suffering Messiah, and a dramatic call to the adventure of following the Christ.

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A Living Hope Because of a Sure Salvation

I Peter 1:1-9 - "A Living Hope Because of a Sure Salvation." This sermon provides some important introductory remarks to this fascinating New Testament book as well as coverage of the first nine verses. These verses deal with the believers' "living hope," his imperishable inheritance, and, an often misunderstood concept, the three phases of salvation taught in the New Testament.

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The Gerasene Demoniac

Mark 5: 1-20 In this sermon, Denny explores the depths of depravity which men can experience, the damage demons can do, the knowledge demons possess, the authority of the Christ, the drama of conversion, and the responsibilities incumbent on the convert to Christianity.

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The Stoning of Stephen

Acts 7:54 - Acts 8:4 (Also Acts 6: 1-15) This covers a long section of Scripture but Denny highlights its relevance to world missions, to servant leadership, to abiding in the power of the Holy Spirit, the impact of martyrdom, the awesome response of Jesus, and more.

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Companionship of Jesus

Various passages Everyone is looking for love, for the intimacy of a stimulating, caring and trustworthy friend. This sermons looks at various Scriptures to see how only Jesus Christ can really handle that immense job.

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Behold Your Mother

John 19:25-30 This sermon covers just a brief text but the importance of its message is quite expansive: the service of just “being there,” Jesus’ loving obedience to the 5th Commandment, the new family of faith, the honoring of motherhood, and gratitude for our redemption won by Jesus through the cross.

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The Good Samaritan

Luke 10: 25-37 This sermon not only illuminates the need to honestly deal with sin and the responsibility to live as the good neighbor, it also gives counsel regarding evangelism techniques, hermeneutics and a dedication to pursue the Christian way of life.

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