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The Youngest Warrior

By Ric Hartford © 1986

The youngest warrior takes his first step towards an unforeseeable battle.
He straps on no brightly colored helm, nor does he begin his journey to any fanfare of trumpets.
He goes forth to do battle unclothed and unarmed.
Of his journey, no bards will sing.  History will not record the triumphs of the youngest warrior's campaign.
He begins alone, all but for God and alone his journey will end.
Like any seasoned warrior, this his first campaign will work its wonders on him.
As he grows as a warrior every day, the road shall ever work its changes on him.
Yet, for the only battle the youngest warrior will ever fight, who shall hear his cry?
The youngest warrior fights, not for glory, not for honor, but for life.
The youngest warrior dies, alone but for God pierced through the heart.
Who shall mourn for him and who shall stand to defend the next youngest warrior?