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Voices from Ramah

Copyright 1986 by Barb Malek

Author's Notes Regarding Production of Voices from Ramah

The complete text of Voices from Ramah consists of a series of five sections which, performed together, provide a fairly comprehensive look at the tragedy of abortion and the necessity of a firm response from the Christian Church. However, each individual section can be performed separately according to the needs of the audience and/or the limitations of time, cast size, etc. The five sections are themselves internally complete and can be extracted from the others without consequence. For instance, one of the sections could be performed as a part of a regular church service, pro-life meeting, etc., even if there were not the time opportunity to perform the whole production.

The various sketches can be performed in any order; however, it might be helpful for you to know how Voices from Ramah was originally designed and produced here in Omaha. The original production, for instance, incorporated music and photographic slides with the sketches which were an important part of its overall impact. How these were specifically used will be described during the following directions for each skit.

The program is divided into three sections. The first is a "definition" of the abortion tragedy and, in our production, contains the first sketch and a song. The second section describes specific victims of abortion. It consists of sketches 2 and 3 along with another song. The final section is a call to specific action and consists of sketches 4 and 5 and a final song.

Let me now briefly describe each sketch:

I. "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"
This sketch calls for 3 readers. Reader #1 concentrates on Scriptures which concern the miracle of life. Reader #2 covers basic facts regarding fetal development. Reader #3 reveals facts concerning the techniques of various abortion procedures.

In the Vital Signs Ministries production, we used photographic slides which illustrated the different stages of fetal development and abortion techniques as they are described by the readers. These visuals greatly enhance the reality behind the sometimes "detailed" descriptions. Slides of this sort can usually be obtained by your nearest pro-life agency.

I strongly believe that these readings were needed first because it lays the necessary foundation for what follows. People need to know the realities of abortion. Without this clear, though obviously disconcerting knowledge, the following selections will not have as great an impact on the audience which, ultimately, you want to stir to effective action in behalf of the unborn.

(In our production of Voices from Ramah, this selection was followed by a pro-life song performed by one of the cast members. The song we use is "Barren Woman" by Steve and Annie Chapman but there are several others which would be relevant also. At the conclusion of these notes, we give a brief list of other excellent pro-life songs which can be used with the various "Ramah" skits.)

II. "Victim - The Baby"
This skit calls for 3 actors or actresses. Two of those will represent the babies in utero and one will be the narrator. We have found it to be very effective when performed on a completely dark stage with the audience not seeing the actors at all but only hearing their voices. The babies' voices should be done in a light, inflectual tone, helping emphasize the illusion that it is babies speaking. The narrator can be placed off to one side, lit by a single spotlight or can even speak from a microphone off stage.

III. "Victims - The Couple"
Stage directions are listed for this sketch in the script itself. It calls for a boy and a girl, preferably in their late teens. They will each be telling their own story, in turn, but will not interact. They share the stage but are unaware of each other. While one is speaking, the other should stand relaxed but still, ready to move into action at his or her next turn.

(These two sketches were followed by another song- preferably one which emphasizes the victimization of abortion. This song is also sung by a cast member. We have used a live band as back-up but usually depend on a pre-recorded cassette tape background for most performances. We usually use the song "Daughter of Heaven" by Jamie Owen-Collins.)

IV. "Starving the Ogre"
This is a narrative poem which we perform with a solitary speaker in a storyteller role. It is a modern-day fairy tale emphasizing how evil can entirely consume a nation by first numbing us even to the death of that nation's innocent. It also underscores the necessity of a concerted, immediate and dedicated response to that evil.

You can really do whatever you want with this. As I said, we perform it with one speaker on an empty stage. However, more than one speaker could be used, artistic backdrops may be effective, etc.

V. "The Call to Action"
We perform this skit with 4 readers in a choral reading with the speakers standing in either a side by side or slightly staggered line. The various lines are read immediately from the previous speakers in order to achieve a "one voice" effect. Some lines are even read in unison.

(We follow this skit with a pro-life song calling Christians to action against the death industry and, in our production, we accompany the song with a slide show featuring local pro-life activists involved in the wide variety of pro-life ministries performed by the Vital Signs Ministries. We have found this to be a very effective and inspiring ending. This song, in our productions, is not performed live. It merely plays while the slides are being shown. We usually use either "Children Things They Throw Away" by Harvest or "Fight the Fight.")

Suggested pro-life albums and songs:
"Fight the Fight" - You must order from Live Oak Records, P.O. Box 1500, Lindale, TX. 75771
"No Alibis" by Harry Robert Browning
"Only the Overcomers" by Harvest
"Who Will Speak Up for the Little Ones?" by Phil Keaggy

"Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"

#1- Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the One Who formed you from
the womb. I am the maker of all things.

#2- The miracle of human life begins when the male sperm and the female ovum unite creating a new human being. This tiny person is remarkable and unique. Even though the new life starts as a single cell, this cell's genetic construction already represents a human life different from all others. The color of the person's eyes and hair; how tall he or she will eventually grow - all the physical characteristics of this human being are already programmed into that microscopic cell awaiting further development. You and I were once a single cell. God incarnate, Jesus Christ, came to Earth and became a single cell. Life so very tiny and frail - yet so holy and complete.

#1- For thou didst form my inward parts. Thou didst weave me in my mother's womb.

#2- Rapidly the single cell divides and multiplies. By the end of the first week, this amazing person attaches himself to the wall of the mother's uterus, where, if all goes well, he or she will develop and grow. At around 18 days after conception, the heart begins to beat by itself, pulsing the life-preserving blood through the child's tiny veins. At approximately 40 days, brain waves have been recorded. These early days are action packed - and truly exciting!

#1- I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

#2- By the end of the sixth week, fingers and toes are visible. Eyes, nose, ears, and mouth begin to take discernible shape. By as early as eight weeks, all of the necessary organ systems are present. The baby swims carefree in his warm, watery and weightless world. God has wrapped him, for this time of development, in the safest and securest world that he could ever know, or so it was meant to be.

#3- Enter the scalpel and the suction machine. The period from 8-12 weeks is the most perilous and deadly for an unborn child today. The silent war on unborn children is being conducted on an incredible scale. In the United States alone, nearly one of every three pregnancies ends in abortion. Over 4,000 preborn boys and girls are destroyed every single day in America.

In every abortion the security of the mother's womb is pried open and a baby is torn apart. In vain the tiny victim attempts to swim away from the knife that slices or the machine that rips his delicate body apart. The tiny heart, so recently active, is destroyed. The newly functioning brain, complete with unique personality is crushed. All is sucked away. The tiny soul returns to its Maker, and the body, once perfect, is thrown into the garbage as refuse.

#2- By the fourth month, fingernails, toenails, and hair have begun to form. The delicate skin is very fragile to the touch. By the end of this month, the baby's mother will finally begin to feel him or her move. If we could examine this small wonder, we would see a tiny, perfect replica of the child to be born five months later. Everything is in place to enable life to carry on - all he or she needs is a safe place to grow.

#1-Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance and in Thy book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.

#2- In the 5th and 6th months the child reaches 12 inches in length. Often he gets the hiccups. If born during the 6th month, this child has a good chance of surviving. Sensitivity to light, loud noises, and pain are greatly increased at this stage.

#3- Enter again the executioner. But larger babies require different methods and tools to insure their death. Stronger bones and larger skulls are not so easily crushed and wiped away. Thus enters the needle and the saline injection. One syringe full into the mother's amniotic fluid where the baby resides, and soon the burden will be no more. However - it can take hours for the deadly solution to fully destroy the tissues and organs of the unborn victim, and for the tender skin to burn away. It is very traumatic for the mother as she often feels her child thrash around in agony. Another complication- some of the victims escape and are born alive. So - to avoid these inconveniences there is always the D & E - which stands for dilation and evacuation. Such an innocent sounding name, but what actually occurs is that the womb is dilated (or opened) and the baby is evacuated - piece by piece, leg by leg, body and head. There are no pain killers for the tiny victims- but also no thrashing and no one survives. Newer techniques involve the injection of digoxin directly into the baby's heart, which causes it to explode. Such are the wonders of modern technology.

#2- During the last three months of pregnancy the baby is simply increasing in size and weight. Mom is beginning to feel pretty uncomfortable. There is not a lot of room for the baby to maneuver and many nights are spent pushing tiny feet away from mother's ribs. The placenta, which has provided nourishment, begins to deteriorate because it will soon no longer be needed.

#1- And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them...and God saw all that He had made, and behold it was very good.

#2- At around 36-38 weeks, the baby should descend head first into the pelvis. This will prepare him or her for the journey down the birth canal. What an exciting time this is - preparing for the entrance of a new child into the world. These last nine months of development have truly been a miracle.

#3- With the holocaust of abortion, birth now takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of being a departure from the safety of the womb into the harshness of life, the trip down the birth canal can now be seen as an escape from a death sentence, for it is legal in this country to kill an unborn child until the moment of delivery.

In these last months the executioner has two main death tactics at his disposal. The first are drugs called prostoglandins which were designed to cause the uterine muscles to strongly contract, violently expelling the baby - often decapitated, usually dead.

Or there is the hysterotomy. This is basically the same as a caesarian section, except that the baby is not placed into the loving arms of his mother, but rather, into a cold bedpan, or bucket, to die. What makes the difference - whether or not the child's mother wants her baby to be born alive or dead. Incredible as this may seem, there are thousands of third term abortions performed in this country every year.

#1- Thus says the Lord,
"A voice was heard in Ramah,
Lamentation and bitter weeping;
Rachel is weeping for her children.
She refuses to be comforted
Because they are no more..........


(Stage is dark. Only voices are heard.)
Narrator- Twins- they are seen as both a double blessing and as double trouble. But they are definitely a double miracle. We're about to make an imaginary trip into the womb to see what a day in the life of unborn twins might be like. Quiet now - they seem to be waking up.

#1- Oh boy, did I sleep good! It's so warm and cozy in here. And thank goodness Mom finally laid off the pizza and nacho cheese chips for once. At last no midnight trip for Pepto Bismal! Yuck! Hey you, wake up. Do you want to sleep you life away?

#2- Oh hi! How are you feeling this morning?

#1- I feel great. In fact, I was just getting ready for my morning swim. Care to join me? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot.

#2- Hey, that's okay. I've just resigned myself to the fact that my arms and legs don't work like yours do. At first I thought they might need more time but now I 'm not sure they'll ever grow.

#1- Hey, don't give up! You never know what might happen! Why, I remember the day when these legs were no more than stubs, and my arms couldn't move at all. You probably just need some more time to grow.

#2- But what if they don't? Do you think it will matter - out there?

#1- I don't know - but I've got a great idea! I'll take care of you and do all the swimming and walking and reaching for both of us. And you can do all the thinking for me. You're much smarter than I am.

#2- I'm not sure if I'm smarter. I just can't move, so all I do is sit here and think. But, thanks that makes me feel much better. I would enjoy just watching you run around and play.

#1- Speaking of thinking - do you suppose that needle thing will come back again? It scared me half to death!

#2- I know what you mean! I can't imagine what it was for. It must have been awfully painful for Mom.

#1- Hold on! Mom's going somewhere again. I hope she's not going jogging. That makes me seasick!

#2- (after a pause) What do you think it will be like when we're born? Do you think it will be scary?

#1- Well, I'm not sure. But I hope it will be more action packed than this place. It gets a little boring just sleeping and swimming around all the time. But at least I have you to keep me company.

#2- Yes, I hope we can always be together. Even though I can't run and play, I do feel that life outside will exciting. So many things to see and think about. New people to meet and know. And we'll finally get to see our mother. I wonder what she'll look like!

#1- Good - she's sitting down. I don't think I'll ever make a good sailor. Well - I think I'll go for that swim now. See you later.

#2- Have fun! I think I'll just take a little nap.

Narrator- It is now possible through use of amniocentesis and ultrasound to diagnosis deformities in unborn children. These children can then be aborted if they don't meet the required standards. In the case of twins, it has been proven that the abnormal twin can be killed by piercing the tiny heart, without affecting the normal twin's development. A few months later two children will be born--one healthy and alive, the other shriveled up and dead.

#1- Hey, get away from my sister! Leave her alone, you big bully! Get away, I said!
Hey- are you all right? I said, are you all right? Please wake up. Please don't die!
You killed my sister? Why did you do that? I needed her. It didn't matter that she couldn't walk; she was so smart. She was going to help me learn. And I was going to be her legs. You didn't even give her a chance!

Goodbye, sister. I love you.

Victims - The Couple

(Boy and girl on stage - side by side, yet oblivious to the other's presence. One speaks at a time stepping forward slightly, the other stands still, not stiff, perhaps with head slightly down.)

Girl- Where are all the dreams of my childhood? It seems like only yesterday that life was nothing more than fairy tales and fantasies. Life for me was supposed to be filled with handsome princes on white horses, and happy ever after endings. But that's not how life is - is it?

Boy- Man, I tell you, this is not how I had things planned. I mean, we were just doing what everybody else does. Life is supposed to be one big party, with lots of good times and fun. We just did what felt good. And not just us- everybody! And no one ever got caught - not in the movies, or on T.V., not even my friends. No one but me - and that stinks!

Girl- I'll never forget the day I found out he liked me. I'd always dreamed of having a boyfriend, but I never really thought I would. But he asked me to the dance, and afterwards he kissed me. Before long, we saw each other every day. I'd always been taught to wait for marriage, but everyone else was doing it, and I was afraid he'd leave me if I didn't. And besides, I loved him. What would I do without him- sit home and rot?

Boy- My dad sat me down a few years ago and gave me this lecture on how I needed to be careful and not mess around because it's not nice and it makes babies and all that junk. Well, he just doesn't understand! In his day I guess they did that- but not today. I'd get laughed out of school. And, I mean, if you stick with one girl and you care about her, what can it hurt? Well, I guess I found out. But I still say, what was I supposed to do?

Girl- That day I found out I was pregnant was the worst day of my life. I got sick to my stomach and I couldn't even think. It was like a nightmare that wouldn't go away. Thinking about telling my parents was terrifying. I could see my Mother crying and my Dad ranting and raving. And not only them- but my Grandma and my aunts and uncles, and the people in our church. I couldn't face it!

Boy- The day she called and told me she was pregnant- I couldn't believe it! That just doesn't happen. And I started thinking, hey, it's not my problem anyway. I could just get a new girlfriend. But everyone would know it was mine. And, I do care about her. But, why did this have to happen and mess everything up?

Girl- Well, I told my best friend about it, and she told me about a clinic that could just stop my pregnancy. They just take about fifteen minutes and then you can go home and forget all about it. I asked her, " But what about the baby?" She told me not to be stupid- it wasn't a real baby yet, just a little blob. She said that having an abortion was like getting a wart removed. I was kind of mixed up because I remembered back to when my Mom had my little sister, we read a book about how babies grow and it had seemed so neat then. But I was too scared to think straight, and so I went with her to the clinic just to check things out.

Boy- I'd always thought abortion was wrong- until I found out that she was pregnant. Then it started to make sense- that it was the only way to make things right again. We could go back to the fun times, and not have to worry anymore. She would stop crying all the time. I couldn't completely shake the idea that killing the baby is wrong, but I talked myself into thinking that our lives were more important right now. I mean, this baby was too small to know any better anyway- right?

Girl- So, I saw this counselor and she asked me what I felt about this pregnancy. I told her that I was scared to tell my parents, and that I wasn't old enough to have a baby. She agreed that sixteen was too young to be a mother, and that having a baby at my age could ruin the rest of my life. She said that they could terminate my pregnancy in just a few minutes time and that I could go on with life as before. I didn't even need to ask my parents. She asked me if I could come up with this money. I told her I'd try and she made an appointment for me for that next week.

Boy- Could I come up with 350 bucks for an abortion? Wow, that's a lot of cash for someone like me, in school with no job. I told her I'd give her my savings, about $150, but she'd have to come up with the rest. I mean, now I'd have to wait years to buy a car. What does she want from me? I just wish she'd do whatever and leave me out of it. I don't want to think about it anymore.

Girl- I went in for my appointment that next week. He wouldn't even go with me; he said he was afraid he'd get sick. I asked him if he thought I liked it any better than he did- but what was I supposed to do? I laid awake a lot the night before and I told the baby that I was sorry, but I just didn't know what else to do. I told it that this was a rotten world anyway and that you can't believe what they tell you because it's all lies. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore.

When I got there they took me in and had me undress and get into this gown. Then they examined me. They gave me a shot to numb me a little bit. They also gave me something that made me feel woozy.
When the doctor came in he explained that they were going to put a tiny vacuum cleaner inside of me and "just sweep me clean." I could go home that day and would be just fine. But as they put my feet up in the stirrups I began to panic. And when they turned on that awful, awful machine I began to scream. I knew they were killing my baby; they were ripping him out of my body! I begged them to stop- but the nurse told me not to be silly- that it was too late and I should be quiet or I would scare the other patients.

After what seemed an eternity they were finished and they left me to recover. I felt so empty, and so filthy, and so very alone. My child, my own baby was dead because of me. Life would never be the same. I wondered if I could go on living.

Boy- We don't go together anymore. She's not the same since it happened. It's worse than when she was pregnant. At least then she would cry- now she just sits there and stares. My life is not the same either. I guess I'm responsible for all this. I really thought we could go back to the good times when this was all over- that no one would know and we would forget. But we'll always know. There are some things that can't be so easily wiped away.

Girl- What more can I say? I killed my baby. I'll always have to live with that fact. Recently I've met some girls who have gone through it too and we're trying to help each other. And I've started to go to church again. So- my life isn't over but it will never be the same.
There are no easy answers to this problem. I know that better than most. But to kill a child is no answer at all. And if a woman tells you she has done it with no problem- don't you believe it. No mother can destroy her own child without having it destroy a part of her as well. It can't be done.

Starving the Ogre

Once in a make-believe kingdom
In a faraway never land
Everything was beauty and peace
And the King was in firm command.
Abundant was the harvest
The children ran, strong and free.
And the people felt it would never end,
This life of tranquility.
But as so often happens,
When life is so free and grand,
No one was keeping their guard up
And evil crept into the land.
One fine spring morning in April
A stranger rode through the gate.
His appearance was that of beauty and light;
His bearing of someone great.
"I have some news for the King," said he,
With a voice that could hypnotize,
"An ogre has come to this valley,
One of enormous size.
But before you start to panic
Let me reassure you all
He has not come to rape or maim,
His requests are very small.
Just a few of your cattle,
And some of your sheep and lambs,
And a hen or two should see him through,
Along with a couple of rams.

A very small price to pay, I'd say
For all that you'll receive.
For he'll stand at your gate and protect you,
You can live your life of ease!"
Now this sounded good to the people
And the stranger shook hands with the King;
"To feed the ogre is a royal decree-
We won't deny him a thing."
But a lonely voice in the crowd spoke out,
And his voice was fearful indeed,
"Let us beware before it's too late
For evil is never appeased.
A cow today is all he'll ask
And tomorrow perhaps the same,
But a bloodthirsty beast is seldom quenched,
And what's the next victim he'll claim?"
Well, at first the people were troubled
And looked at each other in fear,
But the stranger's words broke through the din
In a voice that was soothing and clear;
"My friends, you must believe me,
I know this ogre well,
Just pay what he requires
And in harmony you'll dwell.
But if you choose to fight him,
My friends, what fools you'd be,
He's here for your protection,
With him you'll be set free."
And so the people rounded up
The livestock he'd required
And the stranger led them off,
And in peace they all retired
And for awhile their lives remained
As tranquil as before,
But then the stranger came again
And this time wanted more.
"Your peace demands a bigger price
For enemies abound!"
So he took and took and took again
Til no more could be found.
"So now at last he'll leave us!"
Cried the people in relief.
But then the stranger came again,
His new request beyond belief!
"Kind people, you've been generous,
But your livestock now is gone,
Yet the ogre must be fed
And through fresh blood made strong.
So I've made a bargain with the King
And I'm sure you'll all agree-
Just one or two infirm I'll take,
The strong will all stay free."
Then the King's own soldiers gathered up
Two cripples from the ground,
And, with the stranger, led them out,
And on one made a sound.
The children were the next to go,
The very young at first,
For the ogre had a taste for blood
And young blood quenched his thirst.
Now, some discontent grew in the land,
And a few petitioned the King;
And some wrote him cards and letters;
But most didn't say a thing.
"What can we do, it's the law of the land,
And of course, it's a terrible price,
But it we don't pay for protection
We all may lose our lives."
So they closed their eyes and hid their heads
And plugged their ears up tight,
So they wouldn't see babies dragged away
Or hear their screams at night.
And then one day it happened.
One man said, "No more!"
And he quietly strode to the city's gate
And bodily blocked the door.
"No more children die today
Unless they kill me first,
I'll not stand by and watch them die,
And let evil slake his thirst."
soon he was joined by another,
And soon ten stood at the gate.
Linking arms they held their ground
To quietly watch and wait.
Quickly, all the King's brave soldiers
Were there to stop the rout.
And the stranger came with two babes in arms
But they would not let him out.
A crowd gathered 'round to see the sight
And their hearts were stirred that day,
And a miracle happened right there and then
As they came to take them away.
For as each brave man was pulled away
There were ten to take his stand,
Til all of the village blocked the door,
Each obeying an inner command.
And the soldiers shouted orders
And the King called forth commands
But the people, they held firm their ground
And issued their own demands:
"No more shall we for appeasement
Or to keep our lives in peace
Allow the death of the innocent,
Today shall the bloodshed cease."
And there wasn't a thing the stranger could do,
For the soldiers now joined with the band.
And the ogre died from his hunger,
And order returned to the land.
Now in our present day kingdom,
In our right now ever-land
Ogres abide in abundance
And the blood drips from their hands.
Infant sacrifice continues,
And the people still close their eyes,
And they shut their ears to the silent screams
And believe all the pretty lies.
Some will write their cards and letters
And hope for a better day,
But most just stand in silence
And wish it would go away.
"What can we do, it's the law of the land,
And, of course, it's a terrible shame,
But to break the law wouldn't do at all,
It would ruin our wonderful name."
Where is the crowd who will say, "No more!"
And when will they block the gate?
And when will they starve the ogre?
And will it be too late?


#1- Deliver those who are being taken away to death.
#2- And those who are staggering to slaughter, O hold them back.
#3- If you say, "See, we did not know this," does He not consider it Who weighs the heart?
#4- And does not He know it Who keeps your soul? And will He not render to each man according to his work?
#1- We are in the midst of a battle- the battle for life!
#2- A holocaust of staggering proportions is happening right in our midst.
#3- Over a million and a half unborn children are brutally murdered in this country every year.
#4- Therefore-"let us take up the full armor of God, that we may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything- to stand firm".
#3- It is written- "Thou shalt not kill", and Jesus said, "to the extent that you do it to one of these brothers, even the least of them, you do it unto Me".
#2- In God's eyes we are all "fearfully and wonderfully made, from the moment that He "didst weave us in our mother's womb", until the day we go back home to Him.
#1- My brothers and sisters, we have been silent for too long!
#4- This is not just a political issue we are speaking of, or a matter of public opinion- it is the taking of human life which is sacred in God's eyes.
#3- The words of Moses should ring in our ears as a call to action: "I call heaven and earth to witness against you today- that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life, in order that you may live, you and your seed."
#2- The disregard for human life will truly come back upon us as a curse. Even now, in our day and age, the cancer has spread beyond the taking of unborn life to the destruction of the unwanted newborn and the elderly. Who will be next?
All- Will you take your stand before it's late?
#1- What shall we say to God when we see Him face to face? What will we answer when He calls us to account for the deaths of millions of His little ones?
#2- Will we say we were outnumbered, or that the fight was hopeless- that there were too many obstacles to be overcome?
#3-Perhaps we could tell Him that when we tried to take a stand we became the target of the world's scorn, or that our words were twisted around and that we became the object of ridicule.
#4- But- "Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely on account of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great."
All- Therefore my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.
#1- The church of Jesus Christ can and should be an unbeatable army, immovable and mighty - taking a stand against evil in all its forms.
#2- However on this slaughter of the innocents, the church has been strangely silent, and the holocaust rolls on relatively undisturbed.
#3- We must each now remove our blinders of indifference and prepare to put on our battle gear. The army of God can no longer afford to be silent.
All- It's already too late for millions. Please, do not let their deaths be in vain.
#4- Please join with us in taking your stand and letting the Lord work through you to bring the killing to an end.
All- Before it's too late.